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Small Biz Thoughts is the training and content division of Great Little Book Publishing Co., Inc. Our programs are geared specifically for Managed Service Providers and SMB Consultants. Our focus on future trends has helped us build a reputation as a trusted source of practical how-to information and best practices for running your computer consulting business.

Designed and guided by Karl W. Palachuk, an author, speaker, and trainer who is well known and respected in the small business I.T. community. Karl has owned and built two successful MSP (managed service provider) businesses in Sacramento, CA. In all, he ran managed service businesses for more than eighteen years and he’s bringing that knowledge and experience to you.

Karl is the author of many books – including all of the best-selling books on managed services.

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If you buy this program, or any Books or Seminars from Great Little Book Publishing, we Guarantee your satisfaction – or you get a 100% refund. Please see details.

Class Instructors

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Karl W. Palachuk

Series Organizer and Principal Instructor
Author, Blogger, Coach Karl W. Palachuk is the owner of Small Biz Thoughts, Great Little Seminar, and other proerties focused on training IT Service providers. He is the past owner of two successful Managed Services companies and has been the Senior Systems Engineer at America's Tech Support. He is the author of fifteen books. His books include Managed Services in a Month and The Network Documentation Workbook. Karl is a frequent trainer and speaker in the SMB Community. Karl has been named SBSer of the Year by SMB Nation; he has frequently been on the MSPmentor 250 list since it was started; and was named to the SMB 150 list since it was started by SMB Technology Network (SMBTN). Karl's blog - Small Biz Thoughts - is extremely popular in the SMB and Managed Services community.

Amy Babinchak

Instructor and Coach
Amy Babinchak is the owner of three IT related businesses: Harbor Computer Services, Third Tier, and Sell My MSP. She has been working in the small and medium business IT field for more than 20 years. She's a technical person with advanced skills in networking design, management, and implementation. She values technology for what it does for people and the success it brings to business. Amy is also a Microsoft MVP for 13 years, received numerous leadership awards, and is a valued member of various boards guiding business growth, acquisitions, and partnerships.

Rayanne Buchianico

Instructor and Coach
Accountant and MSP Business Consultant Rayanne has over 25 years of accounting, tax and business experience in the SMB sector. She specializes in working with IT Professionals and MSPs to improve profitability through accounting systems, financial reporting, and PSA integration. Rayanne was awarded the 2012 Jim Locke Memorial Community Award by SMB Nation and SMBTN and was named to the SMB 150 list by SMB Technology Network (SMBTN) and SMB PC magazine in 2011 and 2012. She partnered with Bigger Brains to provide the QuickBooks 2013 video training course. She is the founder and leader of the Tampa Bay IT Pro Group, and is the past Treasurer of the Global IT Community Association for both the North American Board and the Global Board. Rayanne is the owner of ABC Solutions, LLC in Clearwater, Florida. ABC Solutions provides accounting, tax, and accounting systems consulting services to SMB IT companies throughout the United States.
Lori Hardtke

Lori Hardtke

Educator & Author
Lori Hardtke is a MSP, technology educator, and author who specializes in highly effective technology strategies for small to medium businesses. Lori has over 29 years’ experience in the Information Technology Industry covering the financial, insurance, medical, retail and HOA (Home Owners Association) management sectors. In 2003, Lori became the founder & President of ByteWize, Inc. To date, over 50 small businesses in 9 states have engaged in ByteWize IT Services. Lori was born and raised in Winona, MN and she brought her family-oriented values and Midwest work ethic with her when she moved to Arizona in 1987. Her passion is helping small businesses owners focus on running their business, not worrying about their technology. She also loves helping other small MSPs learn how to stay lean and mean and have a successful lifestyle business. Lori is an active member of various global technology peer groups, The ASCII Group, a Robin Robin’s Producer Club Member, and the Community Association Institute – an international organization dedicated to homeowner associations. Lori has been published in the “Community Resource” magazine – a local magazine for the Central Arizona Chapter of the Community Associations Institute. Lori is living the dream on the beautiful island of Maui and has mastered selling and supporting her IT products & services remotely. Lori can be reached at 480-347-9777 or

Manuel Palachuk

Instructor and Coach
Entrepreneur, Coach, Author Manuel is the coach who will take you to the gym not just send you there. He believes that small business is the backbone of the world and the service industry in particular is the heart! Manuel has 30 years of business, management, and training experience in the computer and electronics industries. He is an expert of process and strategy who is driven toward continuous improvement in all aspects of business. His new book Getting to the Next Level: A Blueprint For Taking Your Business To The Top is the definitive guide to designing your business from the top down, and building it from the bottom up. Manuel is the co-author of the Network Migration Workbook, an expansive 535 page document covering the complete processes and checklists required to migrate your network with zero downtime. Web site: Blog: The Coach's Reflection

Josh Peterson

Instructor and Coach
Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, Coach Josh Peterson is the co-founder Bering McKinley, a consulting firm for MSP’s and IT Solution Providers. Josh has been in the IT Solution Provider arena for the last 15 years. First as an owner, then as a management consultant with Taylor Business Group for 8 years, and now as founder of Bering McKinley. Josh’s track record of developing management solutions for 1000’s of MSP’s, VAR’s, and integrators around the world has afforded him the opportunity to see companies of all sizes enjoy phenomenal growth in profitability and in top line revenue. Additionally Josh is a maniac for strong financial accounting practices being followed at business of all sizes. Josh believes, as Peter Drucker did, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Josh has a deep respect for anyone who has the nerve to start their own business but also believes that only gets you so far. Sooner or later you have to take accountability for your business and perform at extraordinary levels to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. In his free time, Josh enjoys boxing, competing in poker tournaments, and the occasional overland expedition to remote areas such as the Arctic Ocean and the tea estates of Kerala, India. Josh credits his MBA from Canisius in Buffalo, NY and his undergraduate degree in education for providing the foundation to his consulting style. Many of his philosophies and thoughts on the IT industry can be found on his blog. Web site: Blog: