Week Five

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Question #1: Check all that apply. To get good useful reports you must track Total Hours Consumed/Expended ...
Question #2: Effective Hourly Rate of a client can tell you more than the standard PSA Agreement Profitability report.
Question #3: One of the most important things the Service Delivery Backlog can tell you is ...
Question #4: To calculate the Client Effective Hourly Rate you must track which hours for your clients?
Question #5: The Service Delivery Backlog must be adjusted for Team (Tech) Efficiency. Team efficiency is defined as:
Question #6: Your Client Effective Hourly Rate should be higher than what?
Question #7: The Client Effective Hourly Rate is the Total Time spent on client divided by Total Dollars received
Question #8: Choose all that apply. Which reports should be in your short list of regular reports?
Question #9: All communications inside and outside the company should be closed loop whenever and wherever possible.
Question #10: Regarding Communications; The higher priority of a ticket or issue ...
Question #11: Select the most correct. Regarding Communications, Even when there is nothing to report to the client about the issue ...
Question #12: Quality Communications is the glue that binds a team and it is _______ for the client.
Question #13: Check all that apply. To get good, useful reports you must track Average Time Consumed/Expended ...