Week Two

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Question #1: Once you have a lot of good blog posts, your blog might become a primary landing site for the topics you address.
Question #2: Automation kills blog effectiveness and sincerity.
Question #3: If you're not a writer, you can hire one, but you need to be extremely aware of your brand voice.
Question #4: Blogs are great for quick sales. When you blog, the cash register should ring.
Question #5: Your web site should be 90% client-focused and 10% you-focused
Question #6: Starting a blog post with "How to ..."
Question #7: What should you do to maximize SEO? Select all that apply.
Question #8: You should have a clear "call to action" how often?
Question #9: You should post how often?
Question #10: Why are blogs important in your big marketing strategy?
Question #11: Which of these is true regarding graphics on you blog:
Question #12: Before you start your blog, you should:
Question #13: How often should your blog focus on the client/prospect/reader instead of you and what you do?
Question #14: Which of the following apply to a successful blog strategy? Pick two.
Question #15: Your blog should "echo" with the following: (select two)