Quiz Week 1

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Question #1: Why do you need to set goals before you jump into social media?
Question #2: You should add as much automation as you can to your social media
Question #3: Marketing funnels can feed new prospects into sales funnels
Question #4: Marketing must have an ROI (return on investment)
Question #5: Sales must have an ROI (return on investment)
Question #6: Everything that comes before Sales is Marketing
Question #7: If you want to be successful with social media, you need to be in the Content Creation business.
Question #8: Which of these social media activities is marketing (not sales)?
Question #9: Roughly how much of Social Media activity is marketing (not sales)?
Question #10: What is Sales?
Question #11: Which element of marketing is required (not optional) no matter what you're doing?
Question #12: What is Marketing?