Quiz Week 2

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Question #1: Which meta data database tracks information about your business, whether you participate or not?
Question #2: Where does Apple Maps get its information?
Question #3: Which of these databases are available for you to put data into directly? Select all that apply.
Question #4: SEO is a _____ tool
Question #5: SEO services are great at ...
Question #6: Actually tuning up your web site content is ...
Question #7: Google My Business allows you to ...
Question #8: Search engines put lots of rich information in search results so they can keep you on their site as long as possible.
Question #9: SEO is a great sales tool.
Question #10: SEO must provide an ROI.
Question #11: The best SEO is actually having a great web site with great content.
Question #12: Most SEO tactics consist of "gaming" Google’s algorithm.
Question #13: You should track your social media stats monthly.