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Small Biz Thoughts Community - Mini Classes

Note: ALL 3-Week Mini Classes are FREE to members of the Small Biz Thoughts Community. We charge $99 for non-members. Obviously, we encourage you to join the Community and get all the other massive value on top of these classes.

Tune Up Your You Tube Channel - New Class!

Want a great way to kick off the new year? How about tuning up your YouTube Channel?

If you don't have a YouTube channel, we'll show you how to set it up right. We'll talk about the graphic sizes you need for background images, how to set up playlists, and much more.

Most people don't take advantage of all the features of YouTube, and therefore don't get the great results they should. We'll walk you through the process of posting your videos so you maximize visual appeal, keywords, and links back to your web site or other social media.

If you don't post a lot of videos, that's okay. Karl will give you a checklist for posting so you don't forget to take advantage of all the options.

We will also walk you through the process of telling Google (YouTube's owner) which Internet properties are yours so that you can link to them from your YouTube channel.

Finally, we'll walk you through the process of using a video in your Google advertising. This boosts your video performance dramatically at almost no cost.

And of course we'll answer all your questions.

Register NowTune Up Your You Tube Channel - Instructor: Karl W. Palachuk

- Three Days: December 6, 13, 20 - 2018

- All classes start a 9:00 AM Pacific

- All classes are recorded

- Classes are generally 30-60 minutes


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